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About Gen One Customs

At Gen One Customs in Ocala, FL we use the best reviewed and well-respected coating from SystemX. Car, Boat, & Plane owners from all over the United States trust us with their vehicles.

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  • Slickest ceramic coating
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Permanent protection
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Owner: Jeff Lagasse

Address: 2401 NE 18th Pl Ste A, Ocala, FL 34470
Phone:(352) 286-5929
Email: info@genonecustoms.com

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State of the Art Workshop

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Why Choose Us?

Expert Service

Gen One Customs caters to celebrities, car show aficionados, and are trusted with the highest quality vehicles in the world. Many of our customers will ship their vehicles across country lines and half way around the world because they know each vehicle we work on is done with the utmost care and perfection.
  • Car Show Quality Service
  • Discretion for Celebrities & VIPs
  • SystemX Warrantied Service
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • 5 Star Reviewed Coating Shop
Read Our Reviews
  • State of the Art Workshop

    Our customers are located worldwide and include celebrities and car show aficionados that trust Gen One with their vehicles.

  • Expert Service

    We operate at capacity at all times and are often booked for months in advance, but know that your vehicle will be completed on time.

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What is Ceramic Coating?

Gen One Customs, Ocala, FL

Ceramic coating, also known as nano-ceramic coating or ceramic paint coating, is a liquid polymer applied to the exterior surfaces of vehicles. It chemically bonds with the factory paint, creating a protective and durable layer. Unlike traditional waxes or sealants, ceramic coatings provide a long-lasting shield that enhances the appearance and protection of the car’s paintwork.

The ceramic coating is made up of nanoparticles, which form a protective layer that is hydrophobic (repels water) and oleophobic (repels oil). This unique combination of properties offers several benefits:

  1. Paint Protection: The primary purpose of ceramic coatings is to protect the vehicle’s paint from environmental contaminants and pollutants. It acts as a sacrificial barrier, shielding the paint from bird droppings, tree sap, UV rays, dirt, road salts, and other harmful substances that can cause damage or oxidation over time.
  2. Enhanced Durability: Compared to traditional wax or sealant, ceramic coatings provide superior durability. They can last from one to several years, depending on the product used and the maintenance provided.
  3. Scratch Resistance: While ceramic coatings do not make the paint completely scratch-proof, they do offer an added layer of protection against light scratches and swirl marks. The hardness of the ceramic layer can help reduce the impact of minor abrasions.
  4. Ease of Maintenance: Ceramic coatings create a hydrophobic surface, making it easier to clean the vehicle. Water and contaminants slide off more easily, reducing the likelihood of dirt and grime sticking to the surface.
  5. Enhanced Gloss and Depth: The nanostructure of the ceramic coating enhances the reflective properties of the paint, giving it a deeper, richer gloss and a “wet look” appearance.

It’s important to note that while ceramic coatings provide significant benefits, they are not a substitute for proper car care. Regular maintenance, such as handwashing with the correct techniques and using appropriate car care products, is still necessary to ensure the longevity of the coating and the overall health of the vehicle’s appearance. Additionally, the application of ceramic coatings usually requires proper surface preparation and expertise, and it’s often best done by professionals to achieve optimal results.

Jeff Lagasse

Jeff Lagasse

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Closed on Sundays

Jeff Lagasse
Hey there 👋
If you're looking to get ceramic coating please give me a call.
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Mark Shawn Halvorsen
Mark Shawn Halvorsen

Left a 5 star review

Jeff Top notch best in the business best thing family owned. Thanks Jeff to you and your team.

Hands down the best place for detailing! My show truck is there all the way from South Sarasota Florida. 3-hour ride That's how good these men are!! Look no further you found your place. 😊

Our new vehicle looks great!! Jeffrey was very professional & knowledgeable about his business. Was completed when they said it would be. Thank you for a great job!

Jeff was a pleasure to do business with , straight forward and did everything as promised! Love the ceramic coating on my new Explorer and he made the process of completing the job convenient with my work schedule. Highly recommend Gen One Customs!

I absolutely recommend Gen One Customs. They took my 1997 Ford Saleen and made it shine shine shine. People will notice her now. Thanks again

Big shout out to Jeff, owner @ Gen-One Customs, LLC. They did a Fantastic Job applying Ceramic Coating to my 2024 Jaguar F-Pace, which by the way had clear coat already applied. The Ceramic Coating enhanced my vehicles appearance immensely. It’s like looking into a mirror. I highly recommend if you’re thinking about Ceramic Coatimg for your vehicle, check out Jeff @ Gen-One Customs, LLC.

Excellent professional service. Love the results of the coating. Thanks to Jeff for a job well done.

Blown away at how good my car looks after Jeff @ Gen 1 worked his magic on it!

In the 21st Century it is rare to find someone in a service industry who exceeds your expectations. Jeff Legasse not only did that, he changed my feelings about my own car. Anastasia (5 shades of grey) never looked better - not even the day I took delivery. If you have a vehicle in need of enhancement, Gen One Customs in Ocala is the place to go. I’d give more stars on this rating if they were available!

The best.....

Wonderful, 2023 black S580 looks like glass. Beautiful work!

Amazing job by Jeff and his crew! Will definitely recommend him to others.

Jeff and his team did an amazing job on our boat. We bought a 1 year old boat and Jeff pointed out where the paint was already fading. Jeff took the time to explain the process and even sent updates throughout the week that he had to have the boat. Our boat looks brand freaking new! Gen One Customs has a customer for life!

Jeff was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the product. My car looks AWESOME and I highly recommend him for your custom ceramic job!

Love love love Gen One Customs! This company has taken care of my whole family’s vehicles for years, and I will never go anywhere else!! 10/10 great customer service, and great results!

Just recently got our truck done with Gen One. Jeff did a amazing job on a paint correction and ceramic coating. We thought we would have to get a new paint job but it looks better then new. Did a wonderful job, we will definitely be bringing the rest of our vehicles to him!!

Love love my New car.. thanks to Jeff his crew for maling mune Shine. Great service and great staff 👍

Omg...they just did my 12yr old Honda pilot...they did a System X Ceramic coating and it looks better than the day I bought it.... The shine is unbelievable... I highly highly recommend them..Jeff and they guys are so welcoming and easy to work with.... With this harsh Florida sun, I thought my cars exterior was done for... They totally renewed it...check them out for sure!!

Phenomenal work, great customer service, and knowledgeable! Definitely happy with my services!!! Would definitely recommend them!

Amazing work! My car looks brand new

Donna George

Thanks to Mrs Susan Ryan for helping me and my family trade, I got my withdrawal (cash out) yesterday. You're the best trader I've ever experience myself. After many times of been defrauded of my funds, i finally get to cash out. She's legit, reliable and experience. I invested $1,500 to earn $17,000. Easier than I thought Mrs. Susan Ryan you're the best trader I can recommended for anyone who wants to invest and trade with a genuine trader ..if interested contact her via Email: susanryan3221@gmail.com WhatsApp: +1 (856) 440-3528 I love you God bless you.

WOW incredible!!! Jeff knocked it out the park on my 1987 Buick Grand National. He wet sanded, Buffed a ton and ceramic coated the paint. Oh I cant forget what a mountain that was to overcome - The paint is factory original single stage , black of course. Saying the results exceeded my expectations is an understatement because to me, the car is awesome now not only running good but looking super sharp. Thanks buddy !

Our boat looks like new! So happy with Gen One Customs. Experienced, kept us informed, truthful and only took a week! Highly recommend Jeff! Thank you!

Andrew Harper

Highly recommend Jeff and the guys at Gen One Customs, always takes very good care of me whenever I need anything and it’s always top notch service, do not hesitate to give these guys a call!

Jeff does amazing work, highly recommend

Brit Nicole

Wonderful experience start to finish. I was full of questions prior to signing up and Jeff didn't hesitate to call me and answer every single one. He got me on the schedule and knocked it out of the park. My ride looks better than it did coming off the lot and now I can have some stress lifted that it's protected. Very satisfied and will be back with future vehicles!

Thank you, Jeff @ Gen One Customs, for the Amazing job on the Ceramic Coating & interior protection on my wife's 2022 Durgano R/T. It looks better than New. Thank you for taking the time as well to go over the process both before and after. I am looking forward to bringing in my RAM PowerWagon next month. Thank you, Ed Snare, from Secret Six Motorsports for the recommendation...remember you get what you pay for and Jeff's definitely 5 Star, worth every dollar! Remember to turn left on 18th. by Five Star Pizza 🍕 to find the shop. Thank you Jeff Lagasse Gen One Customs for my Durangos annual maintenance, she looks fantastic and thank your Robert Leonard Peterson for driving back and forth with me to get it done

Thank you Jeff for the amazing job you did on the Durango RT, and thank you for taking the time to explain everything to us both before and after we picked it up, cannot wait to get the truck done next month.

The best and only place to go in Ocala to have Ceramic Coating done. We just picked up our Durango RT and all I can say is just WOW, the shine is amazing, it really brings out the metallic in the black diamond paint. He took his time to go over everything with us before and after. Our truck is already booked for next month, can't wait to get it done. Thank you again Jeff for the amazing job you did.

This place turned a black on black Denali into a show piece. My truck is only a month old and it looks 100% better than when I took delivery. Jeff and his team made the truck look like glass. The outside is perfect and the inside looks better than new. We are so pleased with the work, we are bringing our 2008 Mercedes in next. We cannot wait to see how that turns out, especially with and off white interior. Thanks Jeff!

Jeff came highly recommended from friends and I had met him about a year ago. I have been finishing a project 911 for a while now. I recently just dropped it off and got to see the work they did today. This thing looks better than it was coming off a showroom in 1983. Jeff brought the rims back and made them look better than the factory ever could. He has now earned all my business and I will recommend to anyone I meet.

The moment I met Jeff (owner) I could tell he shared my passion for specialty vehicles. He made me feel right at home with a full shop tour and explanation of what he could do for me on my new Ford Raptor. I signed on for the full exterior ceramic coating treatment including the wheels along with the interior treatment. We added the wheel wells and running boards for ceramic too. I am thrilled with the way my truck came out. I thought it looked good before the treatment but now it is drop dead gorgeous. The gloss on the code orange paint is unbelievable and looks wet and deep. All the black plastic trim has a richer look that is deeper and darker than it was. I did check out a couple of other local shops but neither gave me the good vibe that I got from Jeff at Gen One Customs. So glad I stopped in to see Jeff.

Blake Smith

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Ceramic coating, they are awesome A++++++++++++++++++++++++

Got a new truck and heard Jeff was the best and wasn’t disappointed! Man does beautiful work. I’m picky and he exceeded all of my expectations. If there was 10 stars I’d rate his business a 10 star !

I brought them my 2003 Dodge 2500 for a full ceramic coat inside and out. I shopped around a little and found a couple cheaper options but nothing with the quality that I found here. My truck looks better than it did new! They spent 2 full days on the prep before coating and it shows! Lifetime warranty on the product and I bring it in every year (for a small shop fee) to get it redone for the entire time I own the vehicle.I already have my other vehicle scheduled and will be bringing them my RV as well. Professional, courteous, timely and an outstanding final product!

Chris Lacy

I was tore up about my bad paint job I got from some bush league painters but Jeff and Gen1 cleaned that sucker up like gold!! Awsome work and great to deal with!! Highly recommend

Bhut Nwêlzēr

Mrs Maddie Schaefer from Day 1 was the best Forex manager to work with. She has been a professional and personable. She made me feel comfortable every step of the way. she is realistic with what our expectations would be within the profit of our trading. She is the type of Forex manager that if you contact her she will get back to you asap. If you are a first timer in FOREX and BITCOIN INVESTMENT I highly recommend you go with Mrs Maddie Schaefer FX as she will help you with the entire process and she always follows up with any questions you have and also ensure you have a stress less withdrawal process. I am grateful for her services in assisting me monitoring my trading account. Email: maddieschaefer6@gmail.com WhatsApp +14846298691

The absolute best in the business! I've taken 3 different vehicles to Gen 1 and Ive been blown away by the results every time!

Jeff went beyond my requested services. Ceramic coating on my 2022 Corvette. Communicates well both before and after. Would highly recommend. Very happy.

Jeff does excellent work and makes sure your ride is perfect. Very professional and knowledgeable

Mike Slaminka

Jeff does fantastic work above and beyond to get your ride the protection it needs.

After 5 years of Chicago winters and street parking, my metallic black Volvo was showing noticeable paint swirls as well other paint defects. Jeff performed his magic including full detail, paint correction, and ceramic coating inside and out. My car now looks better than the day I bought it. The paint reflects like a mirror and environmental contaminants (bug guts and tree sap) come off with a bit of water and a quick wipe. I couldn't be happier. I'm looking forward to driving our next car down from Nashville the day it comes off the showroom floor to have Jeff help protect my investment. Recommend x100!

Jeff, the owner of Gen One Customs is absolutely the best of the best when it comes to custom detailing. Ive had my 2007 Mustang Convertible, 2018 Street Glide, 2017 Custom Yamaha Drive 2 Golf Cart ceramic coated and detailed. I cant be happier with their services. Absolutely top notch!!!

Extreme attention to detail! If it's not perfect it didn't come from Gen 1!

Hands down the best auto detailing place I have ever experienced in 50 years of owning all manner of cars. We had the ceramic coat applied to a 370Z and auto detailing done. They made the car look better than the day it arrived from the factory. The ceramic coat protection, paint refinishing and detailing was worth every penny. They are courteous, honest, and caring professionals. I highly recommend them for your protective coating and detailing needs for any type of car (I'm having my other two cars done as well).

Attention to detail and craftsmanship are simply unmatched! Quality of work is the best you're going to find, and will definitely be recommending all business here.

I want to say thank you to Jeff, for making my 2020 Gladiator, look phenomenal. Take a look at the lifted black Jeep on his Facebook page. I cannot believe how good it came out. I researched a lot of companies, and they offer a 3 year warranty. This is a lifetime warranty, and it's well worth it. This man is the Picasso of ceramic coating!!!!